Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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What is Xbox LIVE?

 1) The entertainment. Buy your favorite games, music, movies and more on your TV, tablet and mobile phone.  
2) Use your voice, easy to find movies, TV shows, music and games on the Xbox 360 with Kinect 
3) Play Kinect and controller games online with friends
4) HD watch Netflix, HuluPlus, ESPN, and more  

5) Use your phone or tablet as a second screen for a better experience for gaming and entertainment  
6) Study on the Web on your TV using Internet Explorer for Xbox  
7) Buy Microsoft Points or rent TV shows, movies and games  
8) To download new songs, workouts, levels and maps to keep cool games

Xbox LIVE is where your friends are playing Call of Duty, Halo and other games online multiplayer. With your vote, you can quickly see and things to play. As you add with mobile phones and tablets to an additional level of control for a better experience with the game console to offer. Discover the Web Easily with Internet Explorer for the Xbox on the big screen.

Xbox offers great entertainment wherever you are. Play online with friends on the TV, tablet or mobile phone. You can also enjoy music, TV shows and movies on your devices. And if you go home with the Kinect, just say what you want to see and find Xbox. Entertainment is great with the Xbox.

With Kinect for Xbox 360 you are the controller. Enjoy HD movies, television, music and sports, and everything under control with the sound of your voice. Or choose from a variety of Kinect games and discover the joy of the whole body in action. The games are great with the Xbox.

Xbox SmartGlass, you can increase the use of your phone or tablet as a second screen for the Xbox 360 gaming and entertainment experience2. Control and interact with your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports and games. To start, look at the tablet, and you're looking to keep watch on the big screen. To your TV Xbox SmartGlass, units communicate intelligently interactive activities and new content based on what at the time concerning your TV or to watch. Xbox SmartGlass application of innovative technology to other major platforms in the My Xbox LIVE app available on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox SmartGlass.

Xbox is the new way to get Windows 8. Catch the latest movies, TV programs and music on your PC or tablet. Huge entertainment You also have access to great games for all styles - from the latest hits to classic favorites. In addition, you can use your tablet as a second screen with the Xbox 360 for a better experience with what you currently play or. During the execution of a program on your tablet, and navigate to your TV. Entertainment is great with the Xbox.

Explore the Web on your TV using Internet Explorer for Xbox. And with Kinect, use to explore. Voice to your favorite websites with ease to the biggest screen in the house To detect and control, even with your phone or tablet experience. Discover all the entertainment you with the Xbox.

Xbox Video brings you the latest HD movies and TV shows on your TV, tablet, computer or phone. Rent or buy blockbuster movies and classic, or stay with the effects of the last night of your favorite TV shows. And with the Xbox Video HD you will immediately begin to look away. The video that you purchase eaten anytime, anywhere. Start on your Xbox 360, and pick up where you left on your tablet. Also download and take for free on your Windows Mobile phone with. Xbox, it is easy to decide on what you love wherever you are.

Xbox Music gives you all the music you love, just as you like. With millions discover streaming songs, download their own music service, all-in-one for your tablet, computer, television and telephone. Select an artist and SmartDJ instantly creates a playlist for you. And Xbox Music Pass, follow your favorite music with you always, to all devices, including unlimited downloads. Because music is when it all together for more amazing.